Jaitush Loves the planet

We are pleased to introduce you to Jaitush Ltp, an acronym that expresses and updates the concept that has been the basis of our philosophy for 25 years: respect and love for the planet, with the use of natural materials and the use of protected labour under every aspect.

“Jaitush Loves the planet” is synonymous with ethics and eco-sustainability.

The thought behind the new 2023 collection is the result of these two concepts that have always accompanied us and it is from them that the idea of put it back into circulation existing prints, without consuming energy, without creating pollution with dyes to produce new scarves.

Thanks to Jaitush, dozens of small workshops in Calcutta thus have the opportunity to operate, to cut and assemble a product that sees the reuse of already existing fabrics, making a small profit for all the workers.

From the point of view of “Loves the planet”, a part of the new collection will therefore be identified by the tag recycled print, literally recycled printed fabrics.

In our mood, it means using already produced materials to give a new life, proposing, first in the world, small masterpieces of creative craftsmanship that are an exclusive to Jaitush.